Generate more business from quality local customers

Now you're here we can safely assume you're looking for more customers.

And not just any customer, a quality customer. One that doesn't waste your time hunting for the cheapest service and preferably isn't 40kms away. A customer that appreciates good service and then tells friends about it.

So, how can Little Aussie help you to find that customer?  

Residents that use Little Aussie choose to support the local businesses we promote.

Why? Because we make sure the ONE business we promote in each category is the right business. A good business. A business they can trust and that we'd refer to our own friends and family.

What does this mean for you?

Better quality enquiries - from friendly residents who prefer to use a local Little Aussie business before anyone else.

Higher conversion rates - 70% of Little Aussie business customers don't get a second quote because they trust the businesses we promote.

Less work - our advertisers spend less time marketing and chasing bad customers and more time doing actual jobs that pay the bills.

Why it works

Regular promotion

Forget one-off letter box drops or competing with big business on a cost-per-click platform which takes so much time to manage. What you need is consistent, ongoing promotion aimed at the right audience. Enter Little Aussie. Our magazines, community websites and resident emails means your business is seen by that 'quality customer' and you'll be top-of-mind when they need you.

We can always tell when a new issue has been delivered as calls start to increase again.
Glen Howard, Just Glass
I’ve been able to reduce my other advertising and completely dropped my Google ad.
David Hallows, Gremlin Pest Control

No competition

In your community area, you're the ONE and ONLY business in your category – keeping your competition out. This makes it easier to be remembered and you build a strong local profile.

Being the only air-conditioning business in the magazine, I am getting a higher percentage of work as customers aren’t ringing someone else straight afterwards.
Ben Strachan, RCD Air-conditioning
My conversion rate through Little Aussie is about 90% and it is the best value-for-money advertising that I’ve done.
Andrew Butterworth, Waterline Plumbing & Gas

Community content

From local events to recipes, gardening articles, competitions and handy home hints, we provide additional content to engage our audience. How does this benefit you?  Well, it's another reason for residents to read the magazine or bookmark a community website which means your business is seen by potential customers before they even need you.

Great recommendations. Handy home tips, gardening advice and delicious recipes. Great discounts from local businesses. Love Little Aussie.
Tracey, Piara Waters

Readers trust Little Aussie and the businesses we promote

Yeah, we've said it before and we're saying it again because it really is what sets us apart.

We've been in business since 2005 and built our reputation by promoting trusted businesses that meet our quality standards.  Because of this 70% of Little Aussie business customers don't get a second quote.

I have used Little Aussie to find three different contractors and they have all been excellent, on time and polite. Have recommended them to friends as well.
Rosemary, Wembley Downs

Communities love to support local businesses

You build a trusted local presence with residents over the long term.

Readers trust Little Aussie

...and the businesses we promote

After being in business since 2005 we've built our reputation by promoting trusted businesses that meet our high-quality standards.

...and choose local Little Aussie businesses

You build a trusted local presence with residents over the long term.

Read resident testimonials
What you get

More content online

Not only does your business reach a wider (and let's face it, younger) audience with your Little Aussie business web page, it's here that potential customers can really get to know you. Nothing as personal as your star-sign, just more details on the service you provide and more importantly, feedback from your customers.

Open Community Website

Monthly resident emails

Our monthly emails help to keep residents up-to-date with their community and who's who in their local business zoo. They love hearing about new businesses as well as receiving exclusive special offers and hints & tips to help them around their home straight to their inbox.


From small businesses just like yours

Local profile boost for business

Having a local profile in Little Aussie helped my business. Residents found out a bit more about me and it increased the number of calls that came in.
Chris Barrow, CTB Host