Business advertising

Q: Why is there only ONE type of business in each community area?

Because residents that use Little Aussie trust that the business we promote in each category is the right business. A good business. And to be honest, good businesses are hard to find. Plus, with only one business promoted it's easier for residents to remember who to call when they need that service.

Q: What do I get when I advertise with Little Aussie?

A stress-free advertising experience! We take care of everything for you and this includes:
- A professionally designed and written business profile
- Online exposure via the Little Aussie community websites
- Customer testimonials collected on your behalf via our competitions
- Access to a team of experts who take care of everything from artwork to advice on special offers.

Q: Who writes the advert?

The advert is written by our experienced content writer based on information given during a meeting which will be arranged by our account executive. This is so we can learn about your business and pass it on to Little Aussie readers.

Q: Can I include anything in my advertising?

One of the major benefits of advertising with Little Aussie is that we only take one booking per business category, keeping out your competition. So, we have a list of services that ‘belong’ to each category. For example, an electrician cannot mention anything to do with air-conditioning and vice-versa. This is because Electrical Services and Air-Conditioning & Heating are two separate categories.

Q: Can any business advertise with Little Aussie?

The simple answer is No. Just like any reputable business, if we don't think we can produce the results a business is looking for, we'd prefer to say so 'no', rather than risk a disappointed customer.

We currently only take bookings from businesses that we are confident will provide good, long-term advertising results.

Q: Who gets the front-page banner?

The front-page banner can be booked (if available) by any business that has a half or full-page ad inside the magazine.

Q: What size advert can I have?

Each business category has an allocated pages size – either a half page or a full page.

Q: What page will my advert appear on in the magazine?

Apart from premium pages which can be booked, otherwise all ads are placed randomly.

Q: How much does it cost?

Our costs vary as they are based on the number of homes in each community area and the type of business.


Q: How many advertisers are in each community area?

The number of advertisers varies in each community area, but we only take one booking per business category, keeping out your competition in any given category.

Q: How often is the magazine delivered?

Magazines are delivered to homes every 2 months which is 6 issues per year.

Q: What are community areas?

A community area is a group of suburbs that have their own, individual magazine. For example, the Willetton community area includes the suburbs of Willetton, Riverton, Rossmoyne and Shelley. We currently have 63 Little Aussie community areas - each with their own magazine and community website.

Q: How many homes are in each community area?

The number of homes in each community area varies from 8000 to 16000.

Competitions & testimonials

Q: How do I get testimonials from my customers?

It's super simple using our automated online system. Just fill in your customers' details and technology magic takes care of the rest, sending your customer an email or text notification requesting feedback. Once they have done this, as a thank-you we enter them into a competition to win a great prize. You are notified of the new feedback and then it appears on your Little Aussie website. Ta dah!

Q: Where are the Terms & Conditions for competitions?

Terms & Conditions for our competitions can be found here.