Greg Allan Response Electricians
Greg Allan
Response Electricians
advertising since 2010
Troy Wedgewood
Greener Race
advertising since 2019
Tony Nagi
DHM Bathroom Renovations
advertising since 2016
Martin Farmer
Smart Choice Painting Services
advertising since 2010
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Graham Bruce
Roof Improvements
advertising since 2014
Stewart Meikle
City Carpet Cleaners
advertising since 2015
Clint Turner
Metal Master Roof Plumbing
advertising since 2013
Graeme Hooft
Graeme's Doors & Maintenance
advertising since 2010
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Simon Manning
Simlec Electrical & Solar
advertising since 2014
Rob Pine
DACS Air-Conditioning
advertising since 2009
Sean Blackmore
Infinity Cabinetmaking
advertising since 2010

From residents that use Little Aussie

I always look to Little Aussie to find local trades people for any repairs etc. for my home. Over the years I have found reliable electricians, gutter cleaners, door repairs and gardening assistance who I continue to work with. Keep up the great work. Anne, Como
What a nice little publication! So great to get something so compact and useful and actually on a printed page. Keep up the good work! Cheers. Charmain, Wanneroo
Being new to the neighbourhood it's great to read through Little Aussie to find businesses! Will definitely use a couple as we are renovating our newly-bought house. Kristen, Success
Before I pick up my phone and search online for a service, I flick through my Little Aussie magazine, that I leave in my kitchen first, keeping it local means a lot to me. Joanne, Greenwood
Having found The Tree Firm in Little Aussie magazine, my choice was confirmed by positive feedback online and from a local friend. Joan, Bull Creek
I have used several companies from Little Aussie. When looking for a service I always reach for my Little Aussie first, keeping your work-force local means keeping your local companies healthy & prosperous. Maureen, Riverton
Wonderful informative magazine great for local business. Highly recommend it. Kathleen, Oakford